Golf Cart Usage

Provided by the Marion County Sheriff’s Department

(This article is a follow-up to our information provided in last month’s newsletter)

As the use of golf carts has increased, owners of these vehicles have been asking numerous questions about where and when these vehicles can be used. The purpose of this article is to try and answer these questions.

Florida Statues 320.01(22) defines a golf cart as a motor vehicle that is designed for operation on a golf course or for sporting or recreation and the vehicle is not exceeding 20 mph.

Florida statute outlines the following uses:

1. A golf cart can be operated on a state road that has been designated for golf cart use. No state roadway in Marion county has been approved for golf cart use.

2. To cross a portion of a course which intersects a roadway approved for golf carts or a roadway that intersects a course or mobile home park.

The golf cart can only be operated during the hours between sunrise and sunset. If night time driving is optional, then the golf cart is to be equipped with headlights, turn signals and a window. The statute further states the cart should have efficient brakes, reliable steering, safe tires, rear view mirror and red reflective devices on the front and rear of the cart.

A golf cart may not be operated on public streets by anyone under fourteen years of age. (Not sixteen as previously printed in the newsletter)

Florida Statue 316.2125 defines the operation of golf carts in retirement communities. The state of Florida allows the use of golf carts in a self contained (gated) community if the golf cart has the safety equipment listed above. However, the local government of Florida DOT can prohibit the use of golf carts if the governing body determines a safety hazard exists.

Also, if the operator of the golf cart were to commit a traffic infraction like running a stop sign, the operator could receive a traffic citation.

The appeal of a golf cart is a fun and convenient way to get around. Please use caution when operating one.

Please contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Office if you have further questions..732-8181

(Thanks to Bernie Kozlowski for this information)